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Professional Speaker on Resilience, Leadership, and Communication

International speaker and best-selling author, Cheryl Ginnings is recognized for her expertise in the field of communication, business consulting, and public speaking. As the founder and CEO of Cheryl Ginnings Consulting, a consulting and public speaking company, she utilizes her years of experience to shed light on the trials of families with special needs children

Cheryl holds a Bachelors of Arts degree Magna Cum Laude from the Sam Houston State University in Speech Communication and Rhetoric. Her skill set ranges from business consulting, real estate consulting, writing, public speaking, and relationship marketing. She is a Certified Life Enhancement Coach.

By incorporating years of communication experience, she curated a book for special need families undergoing similar predicaments. “I understand the problems these families face,” says Cheryl. They have no voice unless we speak up for them.” I want to be that voice, and it’s my responsibility to help others find their voice as well.”

Her recent book, “#Love: A New Generation of Hope” compiled by Anita Sechesky, Cheryl follows the journey of finding peace and understanding the purpose her son, Blake who has cerebral palsy serves in her life. She was contributing author in, The Change book 5, “Love: A New Generation of Hope Continues,” and “The Success Chronicles” (2016). In 2017 the book, “Behind Her Brand,” vo. 6 was released in which Cheryl was featured. Early 2018 Cheryl Co-Authored In Her Shoes: Perfection to Acceptance, In Her Shoes: Women of Faith, In Her Shoes:  Moms With Special Needs Kids which are part of a larger “In Her Shoes” series collection.



Despite numerous obstacles, challenges, and setbacks, Cheryl has become a successful entrepreneur, speaker, author, and caregiver advocate, sharing humor, insight, and inspiration with organizations and audiences around the world.

She has spent the last twenty years working with organizations,  associations, non-profits, various agencies, and faith based groups and has become known as a leading expert on the topics of resilience, cultivating leaders and designing communication bridges.

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