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  • Cheryl Ginnings

Design a Stunning Place to Feel Blessed!

Although it is just this beautiful in Santorini, Greece, we may have to design a peaceful place in our minds to feel the calmness needed to handle the day! When we can feel relaxed and at peace, we are creative! We can really give thought to the way we want to live, work and play.

Do you get enough sleep? Rest and relaxation?

Many of us simply do not get enough rest. We hurry from one thing to another. I know I am guilty of that.

Find ways to relax and dream a little of what you really would love to be doing. While raising a family, you may need to do some work that is not your dream work, but many have been able to find ways to work online and are much happier and want to share what they learn.

Keep learning and when you are retired, do not quit! Do things you once did not have time to do. Find ways to volunteer. Take care of each other. Be kind and courteous and your life will be blessed.

#dream #kindness #courteous #care-for-one-another #rest #relax #family

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