• Cheryl Ginnings

Right or Write?

Updated: Feb 1

Some days we start out on the right foot and then, something happens . . .

All of a sudden, we can't remember how to spell easy words! What???

It is hard to explain, but our brains seem to short-circuit! There is no easy explanation for this, but sometimes we are just foggy in the brain! Some medical conditions can cause this, sure. But, that does not explain what is happening to us without those conditions present.

That is where copywriters come in! They can think and write for us! We do not have to worry about all the grammar and spelling that should be polished! We do not have to depend on doing every job ourselves. Some professionals can do it for us!

Guess what? That is a love I have! I love to write and have become part of groups dedicated to this for others. One group is the "American Writers & Artists Institution" and "Professional Writers' Association." Inside these groups are many classes designed to improve our writing skills for others and learn the latest tips and necessary information about what the finished products should look like and be found by search engines.

When our jobs become overwhelmed, remember that those of us who are available to help relieve the overwhelm for you! Just let us know that you need help! Easy, right?

Just take a look at your list of "to-do" projects and ease up the pressure on yourself!

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