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  • Cheryl Ginnings

What is your life worth?

There are times that really cut to the heart. Those times are when I hear of a child being abused verbally, physically, emotionally, or just not loved and cared for. Maybe it is when I hear of someone who gives up on life and commits suicide. I wonder what they thought their life was worth.

Those that suffer so much in life are often the ones we see that are most grateful for the blessings they do have. While others who have a lot in physical and financial blessings are never satisfied.

The Bible talks about where our treasures are, there is where our hearts are. Are you satisfied with what you have, or constantly discontent? Do you shout out words that you wish you could take back?

When your life is coming to an end, what regrets will you have? These are definitely worth evaluating now, while we can change things. Make your relationships with your family a priority and your business will excel. If you neglect family, the rest of your life can be dissatisfying and unpleasant for many others.

We do not know how long we have on this earth, but while we are here, let's develop good communication skills. Learn how to be a leader. At home, set the example for the rest of your family. At work, find ways to do more than expected. Learn more. Find ways to help others. In your community, give back and see how your cup will overflow with good things.

In your spiritual life, remember that one day you will give an account of how you spent your days on earth. What will you say?

Your life is worth a lot!!! Never forget that. YOU have much to be grateful for! Thank others often.

Learn to be like children! No prejudice without someone teaching them that.
Someone walks in the footsteps we think we cover up!

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