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     Cheryl talks about turning your misery into your mission. She believed that if she had given in at the many challenges in life that she and her family had early in life, that she would not be a strong person.

     Too many do not realize that they give in when they should dig in!

      Being persistent with knowing what was the right thing to do, and the needs of her special needs son.

    When we believe naysayers, our battle is lost first in the mind. Our battlefields are truly in our own minds and can be changed with the right tools.


     The takeaways will be:

       Everyone suffers setbacks and faces challenges.

     "Why me?" does not solve anything.  Why not you?

     Will it make you a bitter or a better person?

     Your attitude may be the only thing you can change!



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     Why does communication break down? Do you walk your talk?

      What do you speak without words?

 Our speech affects all our relationships from marriage to children to business and personal relationships.  Our words are often ill-chosen and regretted, but the damage is done.

    Let's build bridges to others and finding better ways to say what we are thinking! Learn to walk our talk! Be trustworthy . Be ready to give a benefit of the doubt.


   The takeaways will be:

    Communicate in pleasant ways and protect your relationships. Words spoken can not be taken back.

    Vulgar language create barriers and  disrespect.

Kindness creates friendships at home and in business. Give others the benefit of the doubt.


    Cheryl will address the fact that we do not always recognize our skills! Learn how to listen to prompts from others that we can do more!

     Encourage others to Stand Up!  Make the best in your own life.  There are ways we can encourage others to be leaders.

     She taught by example encouraging others to do more.  Her core values made her become a leader.

      Do not wait for the "right" opportunity but take opportunities in front of you.

     Cheryl never believed she could do the speaking, writing and encouraging of others until it was "under her nose." What is under your nose?

     Takeaways: There is no one right time. Don't miss opportunities that are in front of you! Take classes to build your strengths. Don't wait to be asked. Always encourage those around you. Try giving yourself away.

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